Reasons to Choose True Refrigeration for Your Next Commercial Fridge

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    Commercial refrigeration faces a variety of challenges compared to traditional refrigeration. Not only do commercial fridges have to withstand being opened countless times per day as customers help themselves to cool beverages or frozen food item, but they must also be able to store items in bulk. Plus, these units should ensure each item is easily accessible for customers.

    From large grocery stores and convenience stores to premium vineyards, bars and restaurants quality commercial refrigeration is definitely in constant demand. What’s more, this equipment can be a crucial aspect to the success of your business. So, let’s dive into reasons to choose True Refridgeration for your next commercial fridge.

    Durable Shelving Units

    Featuring PVC-bonded shelving units on the interior, commercial refrigeration units are built in a way that it can withstand several years of daily wear and tear. It also has heavy-duty steel that can hold up to 250 lbs on each shelf. In fact, True Refrigeration is actually designed and owns these shelves and so you can trust that they are durable. Moreover, you can be sure they will last for quite a long time without issues.

    Since they are built to accommodate virtually commercial need, these fridges also offer unmatched durability and strength. Commercial refrigerators can be stacked to accommodate greater refrigeration in small spaces and these demonstrates their strength and durability.

    Comprehensive Quality-Control Practices

    Every single refrigerator and freezer is tested with rigorous quality-control measure that dictates each refrigerator must be tested for a minimum of three days to guarantee its functionality. If it shows it’s in a position to adequately cool down and maintain cold temperatures for long periods of time, then you should sent it back to the technicians for modifications.

    Actually, True Refrigeration units should operate at a temperature of 0.5-3.3 degrees C. This temperature will not only keep your food and beverages colder and cool them faster, but it will also improve your food’s flavor and increase its lifespan.  That is precisely what you need to get good value for your money without the hassle.

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