Key Factors that Impact the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

    The amount of money you’ll end up parting with on your homeowners insurance coverage depends on how much of a risk you’re to insure. You probably already know that the home size, its location and its construction style impact your insurance premiums.

    However, there are some lesser-known factors that aren’t ideally related to your home itself. These factors should also be put into consideration during your home insurance quote comparison expedition.

    In this blog post, we take you through some of the important things carrier may consider while calculating your homeowners insurance premiums. Let’s get you started!

    Home Location

    Home location remains to be one of the most important factors that carriers check to determine homeowners insurance premiums. If you reside in an area that’s prone to natural disasters, then you should automatically expect to pay more for homeowners insurance. After all, the risk of insuring your home is higher.

    When it comes to location, homeowners insurance companies will also consider your ZIP code and proximity to fire hydrants or fire stations. In the even that your home is less than 100 feet from either, rest in knowing you can enjoy lower rates on your policy.

    Your Dog’s Breed

    It might come as a surprise to pet lovers, but your dog’s breed also affects to some extent how much you’ll pay for your homeowners insurance coverage. If you have a high0risk dog that insurance companies regard as ‘dangerous,’ then you should be ready to make do with higher home insurance costs.

    It is worth noting that dog bite liability payouts remain to be an experience problem for insurance companies. To limit their exposure, many insurance companies will either exclude certain breeds from coverage or simply charge higher premiums. This is mostly the case with dog breeds such as the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler.

    Numerous factors are worth looking into while going about your home insurance quote comparison expedition. Actually, the above tips are only meant to serve as a good starting when shopping around for the cheapest homeowners insurance agency to leverage.

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