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    What You Need to Know About 11 Plus Schools in Essex

    Essex CSSE past papers

    Essex county boasts of high-quality grammar schools that are devoted to serving its residents with 11+ experience. Actually, there are eight selective 11 plus schools in Essex you can choose throughout the county. The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex include Southend High School for boys, Westcliff High School for Boys, Colchester Royal Grammar School, Chelmsford County High School to mention a few.

    But how much do you know about 11+ schools in Essex. If you cannot answer this question hassle-free, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. In this post, we will take you through some of the things you probably do not know about 11+ schools in Essex.


    The entire process of admissions to 11 plus schools in Essex is managed by the schools that make up the Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex. All you have to do is visit CSSE website after which you can access all the information pertaining to dates and application. You should, however keep in mind each school has its own admissions policy. Remember, your child needs to pass 11+ test in Essex before gaining admissions to any schools. No wonder you are advised to get your child Essex 11 plus past papers as they serve as a good revision material.

    11+ Test in Essex

    The CSSE sets one common selection test that covers every Essex grammar school except Chelmsford County High School for Girls. That is why going through past Essex grammar papers will give your child a slight insight of what lies ahead. After all, there is no essence of getting your child Wilson’s School past papers yet your main intention is enrolling her in Chelmsford County High School for Girls since they set their own tests.

    The Bottom Line There you have it some of the things, you need to know about 11 plus schools in Essex. To ensure your child is fully prepared, it is highly advisable for you to get your child past Essex Eleven Plus exams. Fortunately, this is a walk in the park as long as you pay a visit to the official website of Pass the Paper. Here, you can access Sutton SET past papers, Essex 11 Plus mock papers not forgetting Selective Eligibility test past papers. Luckily, you can check their website at any time of the day you term appropriate.

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