Types of Art Jamming You Should Know About

    Art jamming is undeniably a popular social painting experience not only in Singapore, but also in other parts of the world. To many, it serves as the perfect way to run away from the stress life brings at times. Better, people can come together through art jamming to exchange ideas and knowledge.

    If you’re thinking about joining an Art Jamming Singapore workshop, be rest assured you cannot regret your decision. But before you join and start the sessions, it is in your best interest that you understand the different types of art jamming. Actually, this is the easiest way to tell what works perfectly for your interests and goals.

    That said, here are different types of art jamming you probably did not know.

    Individual Art Jamming

    With individual art jamming, you get to paint your own canvas while in a group setting. This type of art jamming will come in handy whenever you want to focus more on your personal creativity and painting skills. Not only will you enjoy a great deal of freedom but also create any type of canvas you so desire.

    Group Art Jamming

    Unlike an individual art jamming, this type of social painting experience requires group effort. Even though you still have to make do with an individual canvas, group members bring their ideas together to contribute to the overall combined painting. However, you should keep in mind that this type of art jamming requires more collaboration on the part of participants.

    Neon Art Jamming

    Last but definitely not least is Neon art jamming. Just as the name suggests, this type of art jamming makes use of neon paint rather than usual paint. If this is not enough, the entire experience is conducted under tailored room lighting with the intention of enhancing the ability of art jammers’ to carry out their neon panting.

    The Bottom Line

    These are just but some of the types of art jamming you should know about. Make sure you understand the pros and cons that each brings before joining an Art Jamming Singapore workshop. The good news is that you can leverage the internet to access every piece of information you need without moving a muscle.

    Remember, we all have different taste and preferences. No wonder you should never choose a given type of art jamming simply because your friend or colleague is into it.

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