Sign It Is Time To Replace Your Printer

    Buying a printer is not a fun purchase. Let’s be frank, never in the history has someone been excited to buy a printer. It is very normal to feel this way. Everyone would want to make a purchase that will last and really get your money’s worth out of them. But what about your old printer on your shelf?

    You might be asking yourself, ‘why do I need to upgrade my printer yet it works just as fine as it struggles to start up’. It may be hard to break free from that old printer you have in the house. That machine may have given you some of the best printing services but sometimes you’re in need of upgrade and don’t even know it. Here are warning signs that you should visit a Photo printer Singapore store and get a new one.


    This is a bit easier to spot than the rest. Slow printing used to be norm. However, printing technology has advanced so much that it leaves these older models in the dust. While it may not be a deal breaker for those who minimally print, when you have about 100 pages that need to be printed at a last minute notice, your printers performance really shows. Printers have really changed, which means the speed should be high.

    YourPrinter Is Literally Stuck In The Past

    This is another sign to know if your printer is too old. If your printer does not have any WI-FI or Ethernet capabilities, it may be time for an upgrade. Without that connectivity, you are unable to receive any sort of firmware updates from your printer manufacturer. If your printer cannot update from the internet, it’s a good idea to replace it.

    Without firmware updates, your printer is essentially stuck. Firmware updates help correct any issues the printer may have after it is sold to you. These updates can be anything from improving security to even making your printer function and print faster. Firmware updates are improvements that ensure your printer continues to run smoothly throughout its life cycle.


    Finally, make sure you get what you ordered and paid for. Sure, there can be some great deals found on reliable and well-made printers. But you should do your research and decide what printer best fits your needs and budget before choosing the printer you want online.

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