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    Importanceo f getting real CBD oil

    Real CBD Oil

    In spite of what is being promoted as the holy grail of all supplements, the real CBD oil remains a mystery to many consumers. It has always been said that it has medical benefits that no other product can provide. The truth however is that this product has all the properties that CBD supplements promise without ever testing its potency or conducting any clinical trials. It is said to help all forms of ailments, from depression to diabetes and even obesity. This simply means that people are now using this product without having any idea if it really does work or not. Hence, there is a growing demand for this product and people are getting scammed by buying fake CBD supplements.

    Some companies are more reputable than others, simply because of the ingredients that they use in their fake CBD supplements. With so many fake CBD products hitting the market, there are increasing worries and fear spreading around the nation as these fake supplements are causing numerous illnesses and even health problems. While it is true that real CBD products do contain only naturally occurring, therapeutic Cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, most of the products sold contain synthetic chemicals known to be harmful to human beings.

    The synthetic chemical that is commonly included in fake CBD products is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is basically a psychoactive substance that can trigger a person’s brain into releasing the feel-good chemicals known as endorphins. But, the real thing does not contain THC at all. In fact, it contains two kinds of Cannabinoid, namely, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Terpenes (THC). All CBD oil does is that it contains a lesser amount of THC than the pure cannabis plant which makes it very potent. Many companies selling CBD oil claim that their product contains real CBD, but in reality it is nothing more than the CBD with a different label.

    But even if it is not real, is it worth investing on? The answer for most people would be no, unless they are continuously suffering from ailments or symptoms associated with the cannabis plant. However, it is not wise to solely depend on CBD oil for relief. In fact, many people agree that using both cannabidiol and terpenes together is much more effective and better suited to get rid of certain medical conditions. There are some ailments and medical issues that can be treated or relieved with pure CBD oil.

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