How to Apply for Life Insurance

    Gathering life insurance quotes and choosing a reputable insurer that will fit your budget and needs doesn’t mean the end of the road. Although it is the most difficult part to get over, a lot lies ahead. And one of the most important areas you can never risk going wrong with is applying for a life insurance policy.

    Fret not since you can get over the application process without pushing yourself to the limit. But bear in mind the application process will vary depending on the type of underwriting that is leveraged.  Here are the common ones:

    Full Underwriting

    This traditional underwriting process requires you to fill out lengthy questionnaire, you need to take a life insurance medical exam and give your insurance company permission to collect information regarding your several third-party sources. This process can take close to 60 days, but it likely will result in the lowest life insurance quote if you’re healthy. After all, the insurer will have enough information to price the policy accurately.

    Accelerated Underwriting

    This process is quite similar to full underwriting but doesn’t necessarily require a medical exam. Just as the name suggests, accelerated underwriting is faster since it uses data modeling to assess the risk of applicants. In most cases, you can apply online, and your insurance company will instantly gather data from third-party sources before you finally get approved for coverage in a matter of minutes.

    Simplified Issue

    Last but not least is the simplified issue which entails buying simplified issue life insurance is fast and easy. Applicants need to answer only a few questions regarding their health and lifestyle, then insurers will count on third-party sources to gather additional information about applicants.

    With this process, no medical exam is needed, so insurance companies can make immediate decisions about whether to accept or reject applicants. But keep in mind that rates are higher for simplified issue policies since insurers have less information about applicants.

    Ensure you take the medical exam seriously because it will impact the life insurance quote you are offered. And this is best done by preparing yourself beforehand.

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