Effective Ingredients Used In Susenji Gold

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    Are you one of those people who have tried everything to get rid of excess fat? Right from strenuous workouts to indulging in different diets, are you one of those who cannot find a solution to weight loss. Well, if your answer is yes, you are at the right place because this guide has the best solution to weight loss without putting you under extreme stress.

    Here, we are talking about the miraculous effects of Susenji gold that can help you lose weight and give you an ideal figure. Below are the key ingredients used in this gel?


    Gold has been used in beauty treatment since ancient times. The fine particles of gold can penetrate the skin, creating an excellent import environment for better nutrients absorption of the skin making your skin healthier. At the same time, the gold particles that have been micronized will deeply penetrate the skin, strengthen the immune system of skin cells, and tighten the aging and sagging skin.

    The slimming gel is loaded with a large amount of active gold foil. After that nanocrystalization, active gold possesses super strong derive properties. This can instantly promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism to achieve a body fat-burning effect.

    Vanillin Butyl Ether

    The most important element of Susenji sliming gel is this component which offers most benefits from the massaging therapy. It is an oil soluble heat sanitizer. Once applied to the skin, it can quickly produce a mild and long-lasting heating effect which includes accelerating micro-circulation, stimulation fat metabolism.

    The thermal sensation of vanillin butyl ether is several times higher than pepper extract and it is low in irritancy, it can be maintained for several hours, yet a strong thermal sensation can be obtained with a very low dosage. Vanillin butyl ether is a stable and safe ingredient with a pleasant vanilla flavour.

    Sodium Hyaluronate

    Sodium hyaluronate also known as hyaluronic acid, is the best moisturizing substance found in nature which has also been called the ideal natural moisturizing factor. It can help improve skin nutrient metabolism, provide soft and smooth skin, remove wrinkles, enhance elasticity and prevent aging signs. Besides moisturising, it is also a good transdermal absorption enhancer.

    In addition, hydrolysed collagen is another element developed from scientific processes. It can effectively replenish the collagen amount in the body. In simple terms, this ingre4dients helps your skin remain flawless and with the figure of your dreams.

    Bottom Line

    With the help of a Susenji slimming gel created with the right ingredients, your ideal body figure is just a few massages away. The natural components of the gel including gold, collagen, and vanillin ether either create an excellent combination for you to shed off the extra fab from your body.

    Other products from Susenji that are certainly worth your attention include Susenji Ollie, Susenji Nana, and Susenji Mofa, to mention a few. Visit the official website of Susenji to find out more about these products before buying one.

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