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    Disk Precision Group (DP Group), uses the most up-to-date CNC-schneide machining equipment, specializing in CNC turning and milling. World-famous producers including DMG Mori Seiki, Mazak, Makino, Star, Tsugami, Citizen, Brother, HwaCheon, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Keyence, etc. provide our CNC machining and metrology. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of precision engineering, we take great satisfaction in our capacity to work with a broad range of non-metallic and metallic raw materials.

    CNC automatic lathes: They produce goods with a diameter ranging from 1 mm to 20 mm using our CNC automatic lathes (both with and without a counter spindle). The machines manufacture highly crafted components for automotive and HDD applications and have faced and cross-milling capabilities. CNC cutting center: We have CNC lathes that can sculpt objects with diameters ranging from 20 millimeters to 400 millimeters. Our largest CNC lathes, which have centers that can reach up to 2 meters, are mostly utilized to make oil and gas products.

    High productivity and accuracy are the primary characteristics of our CNC cutting drilling and tapping centers. For tool change and cutting routes, these machines run at high rates. Due to this, Disk Precision can remain competitive in the hard-to-win automotive and HDD sectors. CNC turning-milling center with multiple axes (up to nine axes): Our ability to add drilling and milling capabilities to our turning process with our 3-axis, 4-axis, and 9-axis turning-milling centers allows us to manufacture more complicated components with fewer procedures and setups. We can process exceedingly complicated goods in a single configuration thanks to the counter spindle on our 9-axis turning-milling centers.

    Our 4-axis horizontal and 5-axis vertical milling machines give us a competitive edge in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, etc., when it comes to products with complicated and multiple milling operations. The elimination of loading and unloading periods provided by dual pallet characteristics guarantees increased production. Machine with two grinding discs: With our in-house double-disc grinding machines, we can meet demanding surface finishing specifications and sub-micron flatness/parallelism standards. We can prevent even the smallest scratch marks often associated with two-wheel grinding procedures thanks to a specifically constructed unloader.

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